oh, anne

I've been stuck in the car a lot this week while Hudson is napping.  I've got to work on my timing a bit more with running errands.  Anyway, I had put my copy of Anne of Green Gables in the car for those exact times when I'm stuck in a parking lot or my own driveway.  This week I finished not only Anne of Green Gables but also Anne of Avonlea.  They were as delightful as they were back in 6th grade.  Oh how I love these books.  I've seen the movies** I don't know how many times so I was picturing certain scenes as I read. 
Confession time: When I read them for the first time, I became mildly obsessed with Lucy Maud Montgomery (author for those of you who don't know).  For Halloween, Miranda and I sewed our own dresses and were Anne and Diana.  Miranda was Anne because her hair was a bit lighter and slightly more red than mine.  At recess, we would bring out notebooks filled with character's names and personalities because we both wanted to be authors.  When I was in college, my dad gave me an Anne of Green Gables figurine that he got in Canada on a business trip because it reminded him of me.  It's my favorite present my dad has ever given me.  5th and 6th grade was rough for me, but these books were my way of escaping.  I'm so glad that I still love them today.

**already reserved them at the library.  I'm hoping they come soon.

cheese please

A few weeks ago I was craving lasagna and we had some leftover noodles.  Cheese wasn't on sale, but I found some cheap milk so I decided to make my own mozzarella cheese.  I had gotten this kit for Christmas.  While I made cheese, Mike made homemade spaghetti sauce.  It was pretty easy to follow the directions.  The cheese turned out a bit tough, but melted well in the lasagna.  I think it was the best lasagna I've ever made because the cheese and sauce was homemade.