April Goals

Oh March.  Somehow you kicked my butt.  And I'm not entirely sure why.  I just lacked all motivation this last month to do anything.  But hurray it's a new month with new goals!

Here's how I did on my March Goals:

Here are my big goals for March:
1. Cozy Cameras Relaunch on March 3rd-Lots and lots of new cases are listed in the shop and having 3 sizes makes it so much easier for me.  No more trying to figure out how big to make a case for a custom order.  Sales were disappointing, but hopefully things will pick up with Mother's Day and summer right around the corner.
2. Complete a Whole30 - I seriously thought I wouldn't be able to do this, but I did! The first 10 days were rough, but it's been great since then.  I'm super proud of accomplishing this!
3. Create ABC Animal pictures with Hudson -Well, we made it through letter L.  Then H's enthusiasm tapered off.  I'm hoping to get them finished this month so I can make a book for him.
4. Learn about Prayer - Epic fail.  I read 2 pages in one book on prayer and spend 0 time intentionally praying.  I'm good at praying immediately after someone texts or emails a prayer request but that's about it.  Must do better at this!
5. Have a family adventure out of town - We discovered that our youngest kiddo is at a tough age for family adventures.  But, we did go hiking as a family and out to lunch.  Not out of town because of a rough night of sleep the night before, but we still had fun.
6. Do some sort of yoga each day - There were very few days with overlapping naps in March so finding time to do Yoga was tough.  I've also discovered that I like to do Yoga when it's peaceful so I'm going to try some new exercises in April

Here are my big goals for April:

1. Get the garden ready and start planting seeds outside

2. Read for fun

3. Exercise 3x a week: I'm trying this Crossfit at Home plan (super modified cuz I'm out of shape)

5. Internet free weekends

6. Read 2 books about prayer

I'm linking up with The Tiny Twig this month.


10 on 10 [March]

Here's a secret.  I really don't enjoy taking pictures.  I'm not very good at it so I am terrible about pulling out the camera.  So this month, I decided to try to take my pictures with the big camera with the 50 mm lens.  All of the pictures except for the park picture are with the big camera.

morning snuggles with my boys

i miss coffee

spring is on the way

batter up

i love when diaper day coincides with warm sunny day

hello new friend

feeding the ducks at the park

mr. adventure

last of the dishes after a lot of cooking for the week ahead today

whole 30 week 2

I survived week one and it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be.  I was definitely craving chocolate and coffee the first few days.  I had to remind myself lots to not eat stuff off of the boys plates like goldfish.  I was pretty tired the first 4 days and I haven't really had much desire to do anything, so I'm hoping that I start to feel better this week.

I survived our first eating out, thanks to a power outage.  I did pretty well, but I did have some white potatoes and I'm pretty sure there was butter in the sauce on my dish, but otherwise no cheating.

The things I'm missing the most are coffee, chocolate and cheese.

Here is week 2's plan

3.10 (M)-eggs with bacon & spinach/chicken salad with veggies/tacos with salsa, guacamole
3.11 (T)-eggs with hollindase & asparagus/taco salad/shrimp scampi with asparagus
3.12 (W)-eggs with bacon & spinach/taco salad/pf changs (burger for mike)
3.13 (R)-fajita omlet/hotdog with veggies and fruit/ginger beef with broccoli and mushrooms
3.14 (F)-eggs with bacon & spinach/ hotdog with veggies and fruit/sausage patties, apple sandwich, veggies/chicken kabobs
3.15 (S)-eggs with hollindase & asparagus/paleo hummis and veggies/
3.16 (S)- eggs with bacon & spinach/chili over parsnip wedges/leftovers