snow day

our day in instagrams...

good morning snow

some pbs watching

hanging up a new ornament

dancing with mom in the kitchen

2nd breakfast

bath time (see above photo)

nap time = beth moore & coffee time for the mama

finding new books to read

a little christmas sewing

pilates with a toddler on your stomach is hard

walking on the green line

daddy's home!!!!

mail from the grandmas



it's 13 degrees outside.  i haven't step outside at all today and am, in fact, still in my fleece pjs.  i had this realization today that there may be several days this winter that i'm stuck inside with a toddler.  oh help.  so i created a pintrest board to collect my cold day ideas so that h and i don't go crazy this winter.  and i made it one of those boards where other people can contribute.  let me know if you want in and i'll add your name and we can share ideas and not go crazy.