a phone call

Megan posted this morning about making a few very important phone calls.  As I was reading her post, I realized that I could take 5 minutes out of my day and make the same phone calls.  I knew that I needed to do it right away (no star on google reader for later), so I put down my lunch and picked up my phone.

It was so easy and kind of fun.  Two of the three phone calls I spoke to a person and just followed the script.  One lady told me that they keep a database of all the phone calls so that the senator can look through to see how people feel about legislation.  I was on the phone for no more than 30 seconds with each one. 

World Vision made it super easy to find the numbers to call.  It made me think that maybe I should call about other legislation that I think is important so that I can feel more apart of the political process.

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