a little olympic fun

we love the olympics around here.  it is what we will be doing for the next 17 days.  did you know that coverage starts at 4 am?  i will not be getting up that early to watch, but we will spend a lot of time watching our favorite sports like swimming and track and field. 

so i decided we needed to get a little festive this year.  i saw these cute olympic ring shirts online and figured i could make one for hudson.  i took an old, dingy white t-shirt and used martha stewart paint and her t-shirt medium.  first time using it so we'll see how it turns out.

 to make the rings, i used mason jars.  they were the perfect size for a little guy shirt.  i had to get a little creative with the black ring, because i don't own black paint.

 Here's the finished shirt.  It still needs to dry and then I have to iron it.  Yep it's a sideways picture.  i just spent 5 minutes trying to get it rotated and i'm done.  and yes, there is an yellow smudge in the middle of the black ring.  some paint splattered and i tried to wipe it up and probably made it worse.  good thing my 2 year old won't notice.

 Hudson also helped me make some decorations.  I let him color on the back of paper plates and then cut out 5 rings and taped them together and then taped them to our tv cabinet.  Not the classiest decorations, but i think they're cute.

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