Adding color to the living room

Our living is a sad room filled with lots of beige.  We have dark brown curtains and brown couches and the walls are a light tan color.  I had a large picture hanging on the wall for awhile but it was a neutral color too.

So pinterest to the rescue! I saw this map idea on there and decided to replicate it.  Once I had it up, I wanted to hang a few more things to make it more of a gallery wall.  And then, of course, I needed to make a fun arrow garland.  Color!!!!!

The Delight Yourself in the Lord print is from here (free!).  The boys had fun helping me figure out where to hang stuff.


 The bike print is from here (free) and the Be Brave print is from here (free).  The hoops are just stretched fabric that I had that I just glued around the hoop and the V is chipboard from Hobby Lobby that I just painted quick with some Martha Stewart acrylic paint.

 And one more of my "helpers"

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