am I radical?

Product DetailsWhen I picked up Radical Homemakers from the library, I think I thought it was a different book.  I'm pretty sure that before reading it I thought it was about bringing glory to God through the way you take care of your house.  Not so much.  It's really about a call to return to the art of homemaking and being more self-sufficient and less dependent on our current economy.
I had a hard time getting into the book at first because it seemed very textbooky.  Took me back to my sociology days.  I pushed through and really got into it.  The first half explains how our society has evolved from a predominantly agricultural society to the consumer society we have today.  There were very similar themes to the movie Food, Inc.  The second half of the book told the stories of individuals and couples who were trying to be "radical".  I thought it would be more practical with more how-tos but it was still good to read their stories.
As I was reading this book, we were driving across Nebraska so I was ready to go live on a farm and grow our own food and raise chickens.  Then I got home and went to Walmart twice and Target who knows how many times within the first week.  So much for change.  I did think about some small steps I would like to try to make this year.
1. Make all bread products by the end of the year or get them from Great Harvest (they grind their own flour at the store).
2. Find a source for local eggs
3. Buy all of our produce this summer from the farmers markets so we have to eat more seasonally
4. Re-purpose clothes as inspired by Jess
5.  Buy meat that has been raised humainly

It seems so hard to balance living frugally and living sustainably.  When I can get a box of cereal for $0.79 that seems like such a deal, but I'm sure if I took the time I could make granola for cheaper.  So much to think about.  This book has definitely sparked some good conversations between Mike and I.

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