a little kitchen decorating

When I returned from vacation, I was super motivated to start decorating the kitchen.  Mike had made me a chalkboard that I hung in the kitchen and then we bought a new desk from ikea so we could have a little "command" center.  I found this idea on pinterest and got busy making them.  Super easy and Mike already remembers to put his keys and wallet in his basket (thanks honey!).

I also wanted to make something to hang on the windows, but I didn't want to put up curtains because I love all the light that comes in the kitchen.  So I made a fabric bunting and a fabric wreath.

While canning, we may have burned our table a bit and we were hosting k-group in 3 days so I made a tablecloth based on this tutorial.  I had to get creative because I was using the leftover scraps from the other projects.  My side pieces weren't long enough so I added the red corners from an old sheet.  I used the sheet for the back as well.  It's certainly not perfect but it adds lots of fun color to our kitchen.

I think my favorite part of the kitchen is these pictures, which are the backs of Cooks Illustrated magazines.  I've been holding on to them for 6 years, waiting for a place in the kitchen to hang them, and now I have it.


  1. Cathy!!! I love all of it! You have mad skillz.

  2. Wow, Cathy! You are so talented and I am quite impressed. Pinning...