well, the year has come to an end.  i have learned that setting goals is helpful for me but that in reality, they're not easy to accomplish.  here's how i did...


1. go on 6 day trips in Colorado -got 3 out of 6, not bad
     -Canon City 9/25/10
     -Fort Collins 02/11
     -Denver (Ikea) 08/06/11
2. grow something and cook with it
     -moving interrupted my growing plans.  I have some herb packets ready to plant still this summer
3. read my bible everyday
     -this one shouldn't be this hard, but i was never consistent with it
4. make cheese
     -Mozzarella 3/25/11
5. write a childrens book for Hudson
     -um a big no.  didn't even attempt
6. sew something I can wear

     -floral skirt 2/16/11
     -also sewed another skirt and 2 shirts
7. see Dennison Witmer in concert
     -had the tickets and then denny canceled.  boo.
8. take Hudson to a pro sports game
     -we took him to two sky soxs games but no pro sports. too expensive
9. sit on the porch swing once a week (Nov-March excluded unless the weather is nice)
     -I did pretty good with this until we moved and didn't have a front porch
10. go 3 months without library fines
     -did this from May-July
11. camp with Hudson
     -no camping. too much family in town. 

12. finish induction
     -Reading/Writing/Thinking Connection Class 10/19, 10/21, 10/25, 10/28
     -Meeting with Induction Coordinator 11/2
     -Mail Application to State of Colorado 11/2
     -Received professional license in January
13. get 8 hours of sleep in a row-10/29
14. make a baby book for Hudson
     -made one online for his birthday!
15. give up tv for a week
     -vacation week in July
16. make wine with Mike
     -materials bought but not made yet
17. can something
     -overwhelmed by the thought of canning something but still hoping to do it this summer
18. learn how to make a vanilla latte at home
     -Regular coffee with milk and vanilla flavored agave is close, but not quite there yet
     -PW iced coffee with sweetened condenced milk is yummy and I actually like it better than starbucks
19. find a budget system that works & stick to it for 6 months
     -cash envelope system is working for us
20. eat local for one week
     -we ate local for a week in july.  it was tough.  and expensive
21. run a 5K
     -i ran for a week.  then it got cold.
22. wear a skirt or dress once a week
     -i was pretty good at this one
23. learn how to take pictures
     -i certainly took a lot of pictures and played around with the camera.  i just don't think i have a good eye for it.
24. read the Anne of Green Gables series (hello 6th grade)
     -Anne of Green Gables 4/12/11
     -Anne of Avonlea 4/14/11
25. read one non-fiction book a month
26. read two fiction books a month

27. bake something from scratch once a week
     -i baked once a week, but not always from scratch

I think I did pretty good.  Some goals were much easier than others.  It's so hard to predict what a year will hold.  I certainly didn't see us building a house, which put a few wrinkles in some plans. 

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