craft room redo {part 1}

 This is what my craft room looks like 90% of the time.

It's a horrible mess and makes me super unmotivated to sew.  I finally decided to get my act together and tackle a little redo so I can have a pretty crafty space.

This desk is where I sew.  It was originally bought for Mike to study while in seminary, but when we moved in, I took over the desk.  It doesn't work well for sewing because it is a corner desk, so there isn't a lot of room for fabric.  

After I cleaned up the room, Mike took the desk apart and we just threw it away.  It was in pretty bad condition.  I'm going to use a 6 foot long banquet table so that I have room for cutting and sewing.

 I cleaned everything up.  Threw a lot of stuff away, and everything else is boxed up in the crawl space.  I'm going to paint the room a much lighter white, hoping that it will brighten up the room since it is in the basement.  All the paint was free from Ace Hardware with their free quart of paint on Saturdays in March.

Here's the room almost empty.  Just a few things left on the chair and the bookshelf.  Next up, taping off the baseboards.  I'm hoping to get it painted this week while my mom is in town.

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