10 on 10 february

I always enjoy when Melissa posts her 10 on 10 posts so I decided to play along this month.  I'm terrible at picking up the camera and taking pictures of the every day, so hopefully doing this will make me take more pictures.  And side note, it's my half birthday today, so happy half birthday to me.

spoiled this week by my mother-in-law bringing me starbucks every morning

a few more minutes playing with oma

snuggles with this little guy missing his oma

learning about feeding

wearing a onesie i made

cutting fabric

not a fan of this weather

 imagine picture of k-group kids.  my picture didn't turn out.

never ending

watching for the first time in years

1 comment:

  1. 1. I loved this! I haven't done 10 on 10 in a few months. Sadness. I should get back in the swing of things.

    2. I had no idea Miles' onesie was handmade! You're amazing!

    3. You're amazing aside from your mad seamstress skillz.

    That's all.