peak-a-boo heart banner


I wanted to add a little Valentine's decor to our house without going overboard, or spending money.  Mike discovered this great place to hang a banner when Miles was born and he hung up a welcome home miles sign.  We had snowflakes for January, so we needed some hearts for February.

I took white flannel and cut 10 inch by 5 inch rectangles.  Then I folded them in half and cut out a heart from both sides.  I just used a heart stencil that I had, but you could print a clip art heart and trace around that.

Then I took 4 different red fabrics and cut 9.5 inch by 4.5 inch rectangles. I wanted them a little bit smaller than the white so it wouldn't hang off the edge.

I put the red fabric down on the white fabric so the red shown through the heart cut outs. (hi little boy hand!)

Then I folded the fabric in half.  I thought about sewing up the sides and bottom to keep it together, but since I used flannel, it was sticking together pretty well. 

I just used a basic running stitch and sewed around the heart through all 4 layers of fabric with some embroidery floss.  I only went through one layer of white at the beginning and end so I could hide my knots.

Then I just strung some string through the fold at the top, going in the middle of the 4 layers.  I love how it turned out.  I think it'd be super cute with burlap too.  I had fun making a sewing project that didn't involve my machines.

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