Product DetailsJust finished reading the book Made From Scratch by Jenna Woginrich.  It was one of those books that popped up on Amazon when I was searching for another book and the library had it.  She's a blogger who moved to Oregon (I think) and rents a farm and tries to live a little bit off the grid.  The book is divided into chapters of different things you can do to be self-sustaining.  The chapter on chickens made me want to get chickens for our backyard someday.  Sadie would probably end up eating them so I think I'll settle for getting farm fresh eggs.
The chapter on bee keeping did not make me want to get bees.  She didn't really sell me on that one.  It was a pretty good read and quick too.  I kept it in the car for when Hudson would fall asleep and I would be stuck in the car for a little while.
I do think it's funny how all these bloggers are getting book deals now.  It makes sense because they already have a following of people.  Hmmm, what can I write about that would get me a book deal.... :)

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