happy half birthday to me

Since I am half way through the year, I thought it would be a good idea to see how I'm doing on my goals.
1. go on 6 day trips in Colorado-gone on two. Once it get's warmer we'll get out of the house more. Just have to figure out where to go.
2. grow something and cook with it-I'm thinking I'm going to try to grow some herbs when it gets a bit warmer
3. read my bible everyday-this is an epic fail right now. The 20 minute naps my kid takes certainly don't help
4. make cheese-have the kit. waiting until we finish all the Wisconsin Cheese we have.
5. write a childrens book for Hudson-I had an idea at some point but now I have no idea what it was
6. sew something I can wear-I've been sewing lots of baby things. I have the stuff to make a skirt I just need to do it
7. see Dennison Witmer in concert-concert got canceled. hopefully it will get rescheduled.
8. take Hudson to a pro sports game-probably a rockies game this summer
9. sit on the porch swing once a week (Nov-March excluded unless the weather is nice)-doing fine on this goal when it's not winter
10. go 3 months without library fines-I need to pay them off and then remember to return the books.
11. camp with Hudson-probably will go for his birthday
12. finish induction-done and I've got my professional license now!!!
13. get 8 hours of sleep in a row-10/29-I miss those days of 8 hours in a row.
14. make a baby book for Hudson-I write on his calendar every day but haven't started a baby book yet
15. give up tv for a week-maybe sometime over lent?
16. make wine with Mike-lots of beer has been made but no wine yet
17. can something-sometime this summer
18. learn how to make a vanilla latte at home-I need to get on this one to save some money
19. find a budget system that works & stick to it for 6 months-we've switched to the cash envelope system this month. so far I'm loving it.
20. eat local for one week-summer time when we have farmers markets
21. run a 5K-winter is not a good time to decide to become a runner.
22. wear a skirt or dress once a week-I always forget. Maybe I'll start doing this on Sundays.
23. learn how to take pictures-I've certainly taken a lot of pictures and am getting more comfortable with the camera.
24. read the Anne of Green Gables series (hello 6th grade)-haven't started yet
25. read one non-fiction book a month-doing great with this one
26. read two fiction books a month-doing great with this one
27. bake something from scratch once a week-this has been a yummy goal
Looks like I have a lot to do this spring and summer. Bring on the warm weather!!!

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