in the overwhelming moments of this first day home from the hospital, counting gifts.  remembering his goodness.

19.  dinner from a friend our first night home.
20. a good nights sleep in my own bed.
21.  a little boy who learned how to sleep in his own bed all night.  one good thing from being in the hospital all week.
22. free coffee.
23.  what could have been a major (and expensive) insurance snaffu was just a minor issue.
24.  our pediatrician.  i just love her and how much she cares for her patients.
25.  that my mom wasn't out here when she got this sick.
26. emails from sweet girls checking on us.
27. dinner from a friend our 2nd night home.  otherwise we were all eating graham crackers and yogurt.
28. warm sunshine, if just for a few minutes.
29. a 2 1/2 year old who's feeling a bit adventurous and climbing on everything today, but reassuring me "I being careful, mama"
29. snuggles with the big brother before nap time.

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