the year that was 2013

I've spend a few minutes here and a few minutes there thinking about this past year and reflecting on my goals.  I'm excited to start planning some new goals for 2014 and to use some new tools to make it a more productive year.

One big thing I've realized is that I need my goals posted in the house somewhere.  I'm not even sure the last time I looked at my goals from this last year, so no wonder I didn't accomplish them.

Also, 2013 was the year of very little sleep.  For about 1 month there, we got decent sleep but then the teething started and it's been rough.  And I can survive and parent relatively well on little sleep, but lots falls by the wayside when sleep is limited.

But, here are my goals from the last year and how I did on them.  17/30 completed isn't too shabby for a year with a new baby:

1. weekly date nights with mike (starting in march)- we probably had 1 or 2 the entire year.  but this is a big priority for us in 2014
2.  read a marriage book-didn't read one but maybe marriage counseling counts?
3. attend vandecasteele family reunion in july
4. camp for 1 night as a family
5.  day trip to denver as a family-zoo in october
6. attend at least one of the basement house show series concerts
7. keep family blog up to date and turn into photo books-big slacker here, but I'm pretty caught up now, so hopefully photo books in 2014
8. family pictures in June & December-got them done in December
9. complete 2 intentional activities with hudson each week-big miss here, but the activities we did do were fun!
10. nurse miles for 1 year-probably my proudest accomplishment and also the one that took the most time
11. potty train hudson
12. learn how to use the grill

13. attend tuesday morning bible study*-finished the Vanguard study and then started attending Bible Study Fellowship
14. memorize romans 1, 8 & 12*
15. count 1000 gifts*
16. find somewhere to volunteer-I crafted with Restored Innocence for about 3 months

17. exercise 2x/week (jan-march), 3x/week (april-june), 4x/week (july-sept), 5x/week (oct-nov)*-just laughing at this one
18. drink 80 ounces of water each day*-maybe 80 ounces of coffee each day
19. complete a 30 day sugar fast
20. complete 2 week long media fasts-i think i got one done
21. read 2 books a month*-i read a bunch but probably not 2 each month
22. wake up before the boys once miles establishes a consistent sleep pattern (april?)*-ha! consistent sleep pattern.  what's that?

23. develop weekly cleaning schedule*
24. plant a garden
25. paint something for the living room wall
26. bake all of our bread*-did great until I stopped eating bread and then I got a bit lazy with this one

27. sew something for me or the boys 1x/month*
28. rebrand camera cases
29.  fully stock etsy store and keep it stocked
30. wear only clothes i've made for a week (jeans excluded)

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  1. Your 80oz of coffee comment made me laugh!
    I'm with you on the water thing. I suck at drinking water. It's on my list EVERY year.