Olympic Family Fun

We love love love the Olympics in our house.  It's so much fun to watch as a family and celebrate the hard work of these athletes.

This year to celebrate, I have planned a family activity for each day of the Olympics.  Nothing too crazy, but something we can do after dinner.  Some are based on sports in the Olympics and some are just some fun activities.

Olympic Calendar of Family Events

Hudson and I may also do some crafts on the mornings we are home.  We will let him stay up a bit late at night to watch some of the Olympics with us too.

Olympic Flag Craft
Family Olympic Activities

Feb. 7 (F)- torch relay race
Feb. 9 (S) - NatGeo Online Games
Feb. 10 (M)- Snowball carry race
Feb. 11 (T)- tin foil/craft stick hockey
Feb. 12 (W) - M&M ring sorting
Feb. 13 (R ) - Ice Cube Melting
Feb. 14 (F) -  Cookie stacking- how tall of an oreo tower can you make
Feb. 15 (S) obsticle course
Feb. 16 (S) - Tunnel crawl
Feb. 17 (M) - Ski Jumping with ramp - the boys have a great ramp that we will send toys down on skis
Feb. 18 (T)-  Bean Bag Toss- tossing bean bags into hula hoops
Feb. 19 (W) - Glove Matching
Feb. 20 (R ) -Marshmallow Floating - who can float the most marshmallows in hot chocolate
Feb. 21 (F) - Table Hockey
Feb. 22 (S) - Lego Tower building w/ Klenkes

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