2014 Goals [part 3]

The last part of my goals are my crafty/business goals.  It feels a bit crazy having a whole section of goals in this area, but this area is what fires me up and what feels like something just for me.

I really love sewing for so many reasons.  It is challenging to me.  I can constantly learn new things and it's an area that I can see tangible growth in.  Designing my first camera case was a great experience and way out of my box.  I'm usually a "see something and recreate it" kind of crafter, so to come up with my own idea and see it to fruition has been awesome.

I'm really excited for what 2014 has for the future of Cozy Cameras.

Crafty Goals
  1. Blog 1x/week-I want some sort of record of my crafty endeavors.  Plus I love reading blogs to get other ideas and to get motivated.
  2. Grow Cozy Cameras-this is my least defined goal and it's killing me that I don't have more specifics, but I need some more time to think on how I want to accomplish this.
  3. Redesign camera cases with 3 different sizes/zippers-I've had lots of requests for different sizes of cases, and most times I'm able to create them, but it's always a big guess if a case will end up fitting.  So I would like to come up with a more universal shape in 3 sizes so that the cases would fit more cameras.
  4. Sew something once a week-I tend to have times where I sew a lot and then weeks where I don't sew at all. I'd like to become more consistent with my sewing time.
  5. Participate in MeMadeMay-I am not planning on only wearing homemade clothes, but I do have quite a few shirts and I'd like to grow my wardrobe and document it somehow.
  6. Sell at 3 craft shows-The Pine Creek craft show was a big success, so I'd like to do 3 more this next year.  I'm thinking one in the spring and then 2 at Christmas time.
  7. Learn all about taxes for small business-I need to get the finances of the business more organized and learn a lot more about paying sales tax and income tax.  Since I have to file sales tax by January 20th, I'll be quickly tackling this one.

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