March Goals

I am loving using my PowerSheets to help me stay focused each month.  In February, I did pretty well following my goals.  I learned that I'm much better at accomplishing one time goals than creating weekly or daily habits.

February Goals Accomplished:
1. Read 2 books-The Language of Flowers and Daring Greatly
2. Plan and do Olympic Activities as a family-definitely a highlight of the month
3. Have 2 families over for dinner
4. Redesign camera cases-this one was a big one and for most of the month, I was stuck and afraid to try something new, but finally I got motivated at the end of the month and set a deadline for myself and accomplished it in plenty of time.

Here are my big goals for March:

1. Cozy Cameras Relaunch on March 3rd-Hurray that I can say this is done.  I do have some more cases to sew up that were interrupted by a sick baby, but I'm proud of the ones I've listed in the shop.

2. Complete a Whole30 - it's day 2 and I'm feeling alright.  I'm really missing butter and cheese right now and of course coffee.   But I'm going to do it!

3. Create ABC Animal pictures with Hudson - I needed an intentional activity that I can do with him.  We've made A-H so far and are enjoying it and it's great practice for Hudson with things like cutting, coloring and glueing

4. Learn about Prayer - I have realized that I don't really spend much time praying and I think it's because I never really learned about prayer and the why, so that is my focus for Lent.  I've got some books to read and I'm hoping to try some different types of prayer.

5. Have a family adventure out of town - Quality time is one of my love languages and I just love getting out of the house with the family.  No idea what we are going to do yet, but we will do something

6. Do some sort of yoga each day - I really love Yoga and stretching and want to make it a daily practice.  I'm enjoying Stay at Home Yoga and I'm also excited for this series.

I'm linking up with The Tiny Twig this month.


  1. I'm hoping to read Daring Greatly soon! Did you like it?

  2. I read The Language of Flowers last month, too!