one of my goals for the new year to is count 1000 gifts.  there doesn't seem like a better week to start than this week.

1. great staff at urgent care who saw us quickly
2. urgent care doctor who told me there was pretty much no way my nursing baby could have the flu and relieved my guilt over not getting the flu shot.
3.  the calmest emt in the ambulance.  made me realize i would be terrible at that job.
4. our nurses for the first 2 days, sara and sarah.  These ladies have taken such good care of us and explained everything so well to us.
5.  wall suction machines.  so much better than a bulb syrenge.
6. hospital ice
7. playing cars with hudson.  i've never enjoyed it more than i did today.
8. a friend who brought me coffee on her way to an appointment and a friend who offered to.  so sweet of these girls to think of me during their busy days.
9. friends who will watch hudson over night with very little notice and take him again so mike could come for a quick visit.
10.  a friend cooking dinner for my family when I couldn't.
11. a friend sitting at our house while hudson slept so mike could come for a visit.
12. beautiful weather and a quick walk in the park
13.  getting to help a sweet old man, henry, while he was waiting for his ride.  so glad i had my phone with so i could make a phone call for him.
14. oxygen and ivs and great medical care to make miles better.
15. sweet emails and texts from family and friends letting us know they're praying for us.
16.  mike's job that allows him to just take off work no problem.
17. a big brother who thinks chocolate milk is the best treat ever and who is handling all of this amazingly well.
18.  mike and i have no symptoms yet.  so thankful that i'm at my best to take care of miles.

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