farewell 2012

ahh 2012.  you were a great year, fulling of wonderful memories and blessings.  you were also a year that i feel like i missed out on a lot.  pregnancy and i are not the best of friends and not only did i have morning sickness the entire 39 weeks (thank you zofran for your wonderful magical powers), but i always tend to want to withdraw when i'm pregnant. 

i'm excited for 2013 and a fresh start.  i know it's going to be a bit of a crazy year, learning how to parent 2 kiddos.  i'm giving myself a lot of grace these first few months, but i do have some goals, if i can ever find time to sit down and think about them.

here are my five favorite memories from the last year:

1.  finding out i was pregnant:  i love the beginning of miles' story.  hearing the lord tell me to take a pregnancy test, even though i had just taken one the week before and it was negative.  getting to tell the girls that night, and their joy, knowing how long of a road it had been.

2. surprising mike's mom with a visit:  it was so much fun seeing her face when hudson and i walked through the door and then her face when we shared that hudson was going to be a big brother.  i am constantly reminded how blessed i am with this wonderful family, especially my mother-in-law.

3. family road trip/camping trip:  quite possibly my favorite week of my life ever.  ok maybe the honeymoon trumps this, but we had so much fun as a little family of three.  it wasn't without it's challenges (bear and snake on a hike, sun setting at 10 pm), but getting to see hudson's face when he discovered all these new things was so worth it. 

4. girls weekend in grand lake:  so much fun and so relaxing.  i love love these girls and it was so great to just get away.  a fun little surprise baby shower was also great.  i love thinking back at how much we've grown as a group and how our friendships have matured these last few years.

5. miles' birth:  obviously this one is on the list.  it was crazy fast and so different from hudson's labor and birth, but there is nothing better than those first few moments after birth.  it's just so miraculous. 

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  1. Yay for #4!!!! One of my favorite weekends too!