three things making me happy today

a new pandora station: old town school of folk music.  the library uses a lot of their music for toddler time and we really enjoy it.  it's a pretty folksy kids station but i sometimes forget i'm even listening to kids music.

hudson's eyebrow.  he must have eaten something sticky this morning with breakfast.  i noticed it while we were eating lunch and got a good laugh.  and he won't let me wipe it so i think there will be a bath tonight.

a new memory verse for the week.  psalm 63:1.  on my new martha stewart dry erase sticker from staples.  right by the kitchen sink so i see it often.

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  1. Hey Cathy! SO fun to meet you today!
    Just read that you used be a teacher. ME TOO! :)
    We have to ahng out again sometime. :)
    kirstin @ kojo