today's sponser

sometimes I like to think that my days have sponsers. there are definitely days that are brought to me by starbucks. in fact, that's a lot of days. well today's sponser is my dyson vacuum. i have never been so thankful for it as I was today when I dropped my flour canister and it broke and flour went everywhere (including my bra! tmi?) yep, that's a pile of flour sitting on our computer. vaccumed it right up. not exactly how I wanted to start the day out.


  1. Oh man! Not a fun way to start your day, at all!
    Maybe Starbucks could co-sponsor today? :)

    1. they did! Mike brought me starbucks for valentines day (and cuz I'm stuck at home with a sick kid). He didn't even know about the flour incident.

  2. Oh no! That first photo is a doozy. But I'm glad my friend (and yours) Dyson saved the day. :-) We love you, Dy!