sewing for me [casual lady top]

When Andrea from The Train to Crazy released the Casual Lady Shirt pattern earlier this week, I wasn't sure I was going to buy it.  I'm super cheap and $12 just seemed like a lot for a pattern considering that I usually buy them for $1 when they're on sale at Joanns.

The Casual Lady top and dress sewing pattern. Great for beginners!

But then, as I thought about it more (at 4 in the morning) I realized that it was just 3 drinks from Starbucks and the money was going to fund a Sewing Collective in India for single moms who are escaping the sex trade industry.  So really it was like I was donating $12 to that and getting a pattern as a bonus. 

I was blown away by how professional the pattern is with little diagrams and everything.  And the language was not sewing language but normal, easy to understand English.  It was such a quick sew and I know I'll be making more for the summer.

 I only had 1 yard of fabric (gray chevron from Girl Charlee) so I didn't do the full neck facing, but just did a small facing around the neck and then top stitched it down.  I love how flattering it is.  I cut out an XL and it is a perfect fit.  I'm not a big fan of crew necks, so I love the more round neck that is still very modest.  I also am not a big tank top fan so I like the little sleeves but it will still be cool enough for summer.


  1. I love how yours turned out - I think I am going to invest in those ladies in India, too!

  2. love it, cathy! it looks so great on you. i have been working on mine one teeny tiny step at a time since reid was born. hoping to finally finish it today or tomorrow :)

    1. can't wait to see it jess! i can't imagine why it's taking so long. oh wait...yes i can. silly babies needing to eat all the time.

  3. Such a cute top - looks so good on you! Way to go!

  4. i am obsessed with this! awesome top! awesome lady! i need to get better at sewing...i'm way jealous of your talent.

  5. Can you make them in maternity??