I've never been one for couponing. We would use them when we went out to eat, but I would always forget to bring them to the grocery store. We need to really watch how much we spend on food. I've been following a couple of blogs, SpringsBargains and MoneySavingMom that post grocery store deals paired with coupons. I decided a couple of weeks ago to start getting the paper and saving the coupons. Last week I was able to take our grocery bill from $57 to $43 with coupons. This week there were a couple of great deals at Whole Foods. I never shop there, but figured with the coupons, that I needed to make a special trip.

Whole Foods had Muir Glen 28oz cans of organic tomatoes for 2 for $4.  I had two whole foods coupons for $1 off and two $.75 off manufacture coupons.  That made the final cost for each can $.25.  I also had some coupons for ThinkThin Bars that reduce the cost to $.25.  I think I'm going to like using coupons.  There's quite a rush when you get such a good deal.
coupons galore

$1.25 total
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