play for a toddler {day 1}


Well here it is.  Day 1.  I already feel better about our time together.  Our first structured activity was to go to the park.  Uh duh!  Why don't we go to the park more often?  Since he will start going outside on the playground at day care this next week, I worked with him on walking on his own on the bark and going up and down from the sidewalk to mulch.  We spent most of the time just playing, but it was so nice to kind of have a goal for our play time.

the park is always more fun with friends

thanks melissa for taking such a cute pic of my kid
Our busy box activity was a button snake.  They're all over the web and super easy to make.  I took a piece of ribbon and sewed a big button on the end.  On the other end I sewed a square of felt as a stopper.  Then I cut a bunch of square pieces of different color felt and cut a slit in the middle as big as the button.

The goal is to thread the squares onto the ribbon.  Hudson loved it.  He can't quite put the squares over the button, but loved taking them off and moving them on the ribbon.


  1. I've not seen this before -- what a fun idea for toddlers! :)

  2. I made this for my son at 1.5 years and he didn't like it and now that he's almost 3 I can't get him to really play with it. I hope my daughter is different! It's a really neat thing though!

  3. Shonda
    Bummer that he wasn't that interested in it. I'm sure I'll find activities along this journey that my little guy doesn't like. Good for you for trying. Hopefully your daughter will enjoy it more.