play for toddler {day 4 & 5}

Yesterday wasn't the best day around here.  I didn't feel good for most of the day and Hudson missed his nap.  Neither of us were as our best.  We did managed to play for a few minutes together.

Mommy and Me: Climbing on cushions
I took the mattress from his crib and all of the couch cushions and some pillows and made a little "mountain" for him to climb.  He had so much fun.  He also liked that he could easily get on the couches and bounce.


Busy Box: cups and clothespins
We ended up taking a trip to Denver to visit some friends so there wasn't much need for a busy box activity.  Here's one that we played with a few weeks ago.  I got 3 different colored plastic cups and then those clothes pins that don't have the springs.  I colored the ends so that eventually it could be a color matching game, but for now it's a put it in the cup and take it back out again (and sometimes throw them across the room) activity.

Mommy and Me: pouring pasta
Today, our activity together turned into a busy box activity.  I took some pasta that I had gotten for free with coupons and put it in a big bowl.  I gave him another big bowl and some measuring cups and spoons.  It was his first time getting to play with dried pasta so I had to show him how to pick it up in his hands and how to use the measuring cups and spoons to try to move it.  We had lots of fun together.  Of course it was messy, and he did try to eat some at some point, but it was still fun.  He helped me clean it up and the pasta is now in a bag in the pantry labeled "for play only" so we remember not to eat it.  He kept playing with it even after I started making dinner.

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