play for toddler {day 7}

Mommy and Me: Modeling Clay
Today's activity has been the favorite so far.  I found some all natural modeling clay on clearance at Target (thanks for the tip, Melissa). 

this is the clay i used.  i like it a lot.  no color left on his hands.

I knew I could make my own, but figured it was worth the few extra dollars for the ease.  I put Hudson in his high chair and then got out one of the colors.  He was a bit confused at first and did try to eat it, but I just told him no.  As we were playing, he would sometimes bring it up to his mouth and then look at me and smile. 

I showed him how to squish it and push it against his tray.  He favorite part was that he could rip it.  We played with it for almost 30 minutes.  He would have kept playing, but he was starting to throw it on the floor and I was getting tired of picking it up.  Definitely a success and an activity we will be repeating.

Busy Box: Foam Number Puzzle
One of the easiest things I put in his busy box was a foam number puzzle from the dollar store.  There was a letter one, but the pieces were smaller, so I went with the numbers.  He likes to carry them around and tries to put them in.  Some of the numbers are easier than others for him.  This is also an easy toy to bring along to a friends house. 
similar to this one, but no operation signs, and not $10.


  1. Oh good! They still had some!
    I also like the little canisters the clay comes in.
    I'm a sucker for good packaging.

  2. and i love the color of it. not neon pink.