play for a toddler {day 3}


The teacher in me came out a bit last night as I was planning our activities for the month.  To help my very frazzled brain, I developed a little template to help me plan.  I assigned each day of the week a category of activity so that we're getting some variety.

Monday-arts & crafts
Tuesday-gross motor
Wednesday-fine motor

Obviously activities cross multiple categories, but it helps me know what I'm focusing on.  And I'm sure my wonderful friend Sarah, who is a speech language pathologist, would be better at categorizing gross and fine motor activities than I am.

Today, we tried coloring with markers.  He really isn't that into it.  He spent most of the time taking the caps on and off the markers and putting them in the box.  We did get one picture colored.

most of the marker ended up on his hand

While I was cutting up some red peppers, I gave him an activity from his busy box.  It was half a paper egg carton and some plastic Easter eggs.  Today, he wasn't that interested in it, but when he's played with it before, he's spent lots of time putting them in and out and opening and closing the eggs.  Thankfully he found some other toys to play with that kept him mostly occupied.

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  1. cathy, I love at how intentional and creative you are with Hudson!