my husband=awesome

since the whole visiting the farm thing didn't pan out on Saturday and it was too cold to work in the yard, Mike decided to take on the pantry makeover.  The pantry was a great space but the shelves were short and things would just get lost in the back.  So Mike built and installed rolling shelves, you know, like you do.  Seriously, this guys is so handy and I had no idea. We (and by we I mean Mike) still need to paint them and we'll probably get a new pantry door at some point.  And maybe some cute storage containers.  But it could stay just as is and I'd be happy too.

big helper

goodbye shelves

hello tracks

new shelves

they work

everything back in and organized

so pretty

Hudson's shelf.  Now I won't by graham crackers when I think we're out of them and we're not.

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